Workgroup Connections helps customers increase productivity by helping them maximize resources and technology through Agile Software Development and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings. Combining in-depth business experience and high-level technical expertise, we help organizations make sense of their information and transcend their business objectives.

Headquartered in St. Louis for 25 years, Workgroup Connections provides software design, agile development, implementation and training services focused on business process automation, cloud strategies, collaboration, eDiscovery and business intelligence. We are a long-standing IBM Gold Partner and an Amazon Web Services Partner. Over the years, we've successfully served the needs of hundreds of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies in manufacturing, IT, financial services, utilities and healthcare.

The Executive Team

Carol Schreiber-Stern


Carol founded WGC in 1993 by blending 10 years of corporate management experience in the finance and banking industry with technical and information systems expertise. The result has been a successful, highly technical consulting firm that caters to the needs of business professionals for companies of all sizes. She has been appointed to numerous IBM Worldwide and North American Business Partner Advisory Boards.

Shawn DeZego

Regional Director

Shawn is our Product Development Manager and has been a Senior Developer at WGC for over 21 years. He holds many IBM, AWS and other industry certifications in business development, application architecture and development as well as system administration in various systems and environments. He is a proponent for agile development practices, open source development tools and open source server software.

Pam Mayer

Technical Services Manager

Pam is involved in the consulting side of WGC. She oversees technical projects, manages the technical staff and maintains a relationship with our valued partners and customers. Her philosophy is to serve as a partner to a customer, collaborating, sharing knowledge and solving problems, building a strong relationship that leads to success. Pam has been at WGC over 24 years and holds many important technical certifications.

Technical Expertise

Skilled Technical Staff

The WGC technical staff offer vast knowledge in design, development, administration and project management. Their expertise is accredited with over 80 certifications across multiple solutions including AWS, IBM, and Microsoft.

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Our Valued Customers

We are fortunate to partner and work with a vast variety of customers including Fortune 500 companies in manufacturing, IT, financial services, utilities industries and some of the largest healthcare organizations.

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